Best Rules To Recording And Presenting Primary Data For a Primary Research

The primary research is also known as qualitative research. Primary research means to gather the data from the direct resources like interviews, surveys, and observations. The primary research methodology is considered as a broad field of inquiry. The primary research methodology can be done across the various disciplines like social sciences, environmental sciences, and business studies etc. If you are not able to gather the data by using a primary research methodology, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The best rules to record and present primary data for a primary research are given below;

Best rules to record the primary data

1)    The first rule to record the primary data is to decide on a topic you want to study. This topic should be clear, specific, and easily manageable.

2)    After finding out the best topic idea, the next step is to do a literature review. By doing a literature review, it will be easy for you to get an idea what other people have written about this particular topic or subject area.

3)    Now, its time to get an idea whether primary research methodology is best for us to gather the data about that particular research topic or not. If you are not able to get the answer to a particular research question just with the hypothesis of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, then primary research methodology is the best choice for you.

4)    There are a lot of research methodologies are available to gather the data for your academic paper by using the primary research like action research, ethnography, phenomenology, ground theory, and case study research. You should try to select one of them.

5)    You should try to gather the data from the plenty of ways like a direct conversation, participant conversation, interviews, surveys, and document analysis.

6)    After gathering the data by using the primary research methodology, the next step is to analyze that collected data. You can analyze the data either by using coding, descriptive statistics, narrative analysis or content analysis.

Best rules to present the primary data

Once, you have gathered the data by using the primary research methodology, then the next step is to present that data in an effective way. You can present the data in an effective way in the following ways;

1)    Don’t be sloppy and try to present the gathered information in an interesting and intriguing way.

2)    You should try to bring insane focus during the data presenting process. To bring insane focus on the primary data presentation, you should try to focus on the singular metric of every paragraph of your academic paper.

3)    There is no need to scare the people with a number of words rather than you should try to provide only interesting, intriguing, and relevant information in your academic paper.

4)    The repetition of a specific information for more than one time in an academic paper is prohibited.

5)    To deliver your message in an effective way, you can also use some visual aids. These visual aids can be in the form of a picture, graph or table.