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Afraid of delivering presentations? YES! Okay, I can understand it’s natural. Every university student feels uncomfortable while delivering a presentation. It becomes even worse when you are to deliver it in front of your classmates. You start imagining the fun that your fellow university students will make of you if you can’t deliver it in the best way. These are normal life normal. It is because no one is a leader by birth. Who can speak to a gathering without any fear in his heart?

Delivering presentations effectively requires you to have a particular skill set. These skills include public speaking skills. It requires plenty of practice and practice to deliver in the best way possible. So, if you are worried about all the above things, you don’t need to worry anymore. This guide is for you. I hope it will help you in delivering presentations.

Things to Do Before Delivering a Presentation

Before wasting further time, let’s jump straight into the things a university student should do before delivering a presentation. These things include;

1.      Arrive early and be Technically Prepared

Planning and doing things well before their time is a good habit. University students should apply this in delivering their presentations too. They should arrive early at the venue and prepare themselves. Technically prepared means they should be ready for every situation. They can face internet connectivity issues or a break in the wire of the projector. That is why they are to reach before time and be technically prepared. If possible, copy your presentation file into several drivers or USB’s to avoid any difficulty.

Hence, arriving early at the venue will help you eliminate many issues. Also, charge your laptops to avoid breaks in the presentation.

2.      Consider Your Audience

Considering the audience is the important thing in delivering a presentation. Because you plan things according to your audience. If you are going to deliver a presentation in front of children aged 12-15 years, your tone should be simple. It is because they won’t be able to understand heavy and complex words. University students should deliver their presentations in a  way that is more collaborative and engaging.

There are many elements that students can include in presentations. It will help them deliver their point efficiently. For example, they can add a short animated video in the introduction part of the presentation. The animated video will engage the audience.

3.      Practice with a Friend

It would help if you practised your presentation several times. And preferably in front of an audience. You can ask fellow university students to assist you with a practice run. Make them seat at a distance from you to ensure that everyone in the room can hear you. It would be even better if you could complete this warm-up in the same room where you’ll be presenting your presentation.

This will allow you to determine whether your presentation is of appropriate length or not. You will notice all the pros and cons of your presentation. Your fellow university students can give you feedback on your way of delivering. Hence, practising with friends is a good thing to do before the final delivery of your presentation.

4.      Create “Umm” Alternatives

Try not to use filler words as they will make you look unprofessional. Sometimes filler words such as “umm”, “like”, and “so” make the listener think that you don’t have an idea about the topic. The best alternative for filler words that university students can make is to take little pauses. They can take a little pause or breath to collect their thoughts.

Taking a breath or pause is a good way while deliver your presentation. As it will not leave a bad impression on your preparation.

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5.      Make Eye Contact

One of the most critical presentation techniques for students is to maintain eye contact. Making eye contact reveals the level of your confidence. The search department of cheap essay writing service firm said, it is also a measure of nervousness for a university student. Not making eye contact mean you know nothing about your topic of presentation. Many students are nervous and turn to their notebooks or their feet for comfort. By making eye contact, you may demonstrate your confidence and engage your audience. The more presentations you give, the more natural eye contact becomes.

Hence, making eye contact with the audience helps you speak more confidently. It also helps university students in the effective delivery of ideas of presentation.

6.      Don’t Read from Slides

Mere reading from slides and explaining nothing is a bad habit too. This can be found commonly in university students. Especially when students are relatively new in the university, they find it difficult. They don’t take things seriously and think that presentation is only about reading the text. No, it’s not like this. Slides contain main points only.

Moreover, your audience can also read the slides. What’s the difference you are making? Hence, instead reading slides, try explaining them and explain with facts.


7.      Own it, Pride and Apologies

As a university student, you may be e good presenter, maybe not. You might not explain your presentation in the way your teacher requires you to. You might face criticism and appraisal from your teachers and colleagues. What should you do then? The answer is simple, embrace it. It doesn’t matter whether it is criticism or appraisal. Just own it.

For example, you don’t know the answer to a question asked by the audience.  No worries. Apologize if you are incorrect, and praise the questioner! You can say, “wow, you make a good point, Thank you, I just learned something new.”


According to the dissertation help firm, all in all, there are lots of things which you need to cover before delivering a presentation. Ic can’t explain them all in one article. It will require a couple of articles. But if you follow the tips described above, you will perform very well. Otherwise, you can also look for more tips by making use of the internet.

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