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Only a limited number of students that hold college degrees are the ones United States sees gain. A noticeable work ‘Teaching Unprepared students’ in the form of a book was published by Stylus. The books worked in bridging the gap between professors and the students who are showing visible signs of problem in their work and that is calling for their help and attention. Although colleges are working on the overall education of the students but there are a larger number of the students out there that need help and their problems, need to be paid attention too by extra programs other than the hours planned for everyday lessons. Here are some of the important points the book discusses:

Professor’s Role Other Than Remedial Classes:

According to the assignment writing services firm, it is an important thing what the colleges are doing by providing students with education centers and remedial classes to help students become successful and to lower the risk of failure. There are several cases where the students are underprepared such as the school did not provide preparation for college, the student is the first in the family to see a college or those who have switched colleges irrespective of what their reasons are. Such students deserve a chance and opportunity to be able to prosper and learn. They can be encouraged by the teacher and it is only their own professor whose encouragement can make the most difference in the student’s capabilities and his performance. A professor is the one who can focus on the weaknesses of the student rather than thinking that the college is providing a good solution to such cases where the students are underprepared. Professors know the weaknesses up close and personally and their help and encouragement can eliminate the need of sending the student to remedial. If the professor focuses on only the over prepared and think that his part of the job is done, this approach can harm the underprepared student’s capabilities.

Key To Reaching Students Early:

There are very good points in a book regarding the professor’s approach in the early days of the starting a subject or a specific class. According to it, there are three important approaches a professor can use in the beginning of the course/session. First is to know everyone. The first day of the class and till the initial few days the professor must plan such activities in the class in which a community is formed and everyone in the class including the professor gets to know each other through these activities. Every student introduces himself and in the initial few weeks when such activities are planned, when everyone learns each other’s names, a good community will form.

The second thing is to make sure everyone attends the first class of the course. Mainly because this is the day everything is explain, everyone is introduced and a lot of things start the first day, also because it is the day when the professor hands out a welcome document on with there are course details and your entire course and the professor’s expectations are explained in detailed. The detail includes the marks split up in assignments and quizzed etc and if there is anything attached to the assignments. It is the professor’s duty to make sure that every student that joins the class later is introduced and welcomed the same way and that he understands all of his course break down and everything the rest of the class is told.

The third activity is to make students fill a short form which will require their personal details as well as their expectations from the course, how they think the course will help them and what is it that they are looking forward to learn. This point, any professor will understand, is very useful and important. Once the professor knows the students and their expectations they can plan activities and make the learning more fun.

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Mistakes Professors Make In Grading Students:

It is the duty of the professor to honestly grade the work of the student. There are a number of colleges that practice the technique of grading the student where the student has not done what he was expected to do and he needed help. Instead of grading him the way he was supposed to be graded he was given more marks than he should have got. This gives him false representation of his capabilities. The student should be graded through the same criteria as his other class fellows have been graded. If he apparently needs help and he needs to improve then he must get the help instead of the grades he did not work hard enough for.

Another huge mistake from the professor’s end would be to treat the student impolitely, treat him with pity or assume that he is incapable of improvement. Improvements in underprepared students are seen when they are given enough attention and importance since students tend to respond to the kind of treatment they are given from their professors. The professor should believe in him irrespective of his past academic records or capabilities and should have high expectations from all his students.

Out-Of-Classroom Support To Reinforce: What Is Being Done Inside The Class:

It is important to have a look time to time inside the class by discussing the progress of each other and what is being done inside the class. Faculty support centers and academic development centers are doing a great job at this. Proper workshops train professors to deal with different and rare kind of issues to the common ones and how do what in a certain scenario.

How Does More Emphasis On The Poorly Prepared Affect The Over Prepared?

Essay Writing ServicesIt is not fair with other students that the poorly prepared student gets most focus in the class. Activities to help the underprepared students should also involve the over prepared students too so that they are not neglected just because they are smarter or more fortunate or they are faster.

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