Assignment Writing Horror Stories

Assignment Writing Horror StoriesThere are a lot of horror stories that we get to read about and know when we search for assignment writing services online. It is because there are a lot of assignment writing services that are just out there to cheat the students and rob them of their hard earned money and instead of providing them good quality and custom papers, these writing services provide students with low quality and substandard papers which cause them a lot of problems in their class and they have to face a lot of embarrassment among their fellows.


There are many students who had to suffer in their career just because the writing services they hired were not genuine and professional and handed over plagiarised and copied material to them which was later caught on by the teacher. In such cases, the teachers can reject the students’ assignments and even fail them which can lead to loss of a year and course too. There are different and a large number of horror stories recounted by students who have become the victims of these money grabbing and unethical writing services that are just running businesses for earning more and more.


Here are some genuine and really troubling assignment writing services horror students that will help students understand why they should stay from such writing services and only work with the best of the field:


Horror Story # 1:

The first horror story that recalls the experience of a student who worked with assignment writing service was full of anger and hate towards the service provider. The student recounted that he placed the order online for an assignment writing service for history assignment and everything just looked great, the customer support people well really good, answered all the questions and promised that the student will get the paper well before time.


However, the student had to face a lot of trouble when it was time to get the paper. There was no response from the writing service well after the date for delivery had gone and the paper was almost 10 days late. The student was threatened by the supervisor that his paper would not be accepted so late and the students really had a stressful time while trying unsuccessfully to reach the writing service regarding the paper.


Horror Story # 2:

The second horror story about assignment writing services was recalled by a student who got the paper on time when it was needed but it was so bad that it was not even worth submitting to the teacher. The paper was plagiarised almost 100% when the student checked it with a software and was so disappointed with the paper that almost left studies. When the student tried to contact the writing service, the people there did not respond after the first email and did not admit that they had something wrong. The student kept on calling them and emailing them but no answer and in the end the student had to pay more and get the paper done from some other writing service just to pass the assessment.


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