Motivated to LearnTeachers have many ideas to progress education in order to make them skilled that they will need in their college life and  achieve their goals. Students stay motivated through project based learning. Motivated students have many ideas regarding good project work. Students need to integrate project across subjects rather than separated by discipline. Motivated students like the integration of task as they can find many numerous aspects.


The most difficult task of the teachers is to motivate students to learn. Students should be motivated to learn effectively. Unmotivated students won’t participate and won’t retain information. The students become unmotivated as they feel no interest in a particular subject, distraction from external forces and when they find a teacher’s methodology to be engaging. The unmotivated students actually feel difficulty in learning and require great attention. Teaching motivated students in a class become enjoyable for students and teachers.


Motivating students can be a difficult task. Motivated students seemed more excited to participate and learn from cheap dissertation writing services. Students can be motivated through encouraging them. Teachers should always encourage student even if they are not performing well. This can be done by making students feel important to you. Teachers should communicate more with unmotivated students. Students should be praised by teachers and recognition for their participation can also contribute to motivation. Students can be encouraged and motivated by assigning them responsibilities in order to get them involved in the classroom. Students can be encouraged to participate by assigning each student a job. This can be done by asking students to read sections of book loudly. This will make them feel important and helps in building confidence to participate. Students should be given a sense of ownership so that they feel proficient.


Making reasonable demands and setting expectations helps to motivate the student in order to get their participation in class. Students should be given some incentives for their achievement to feel them proud that will help them to push themselves. Reward give the sense of accomplishment to the students that will help to motivate them to achieve the goal. Students can also get motivated by engaging them in debates, group discussions, and games instead of lecture. Teachers should try not to make the classroom environment boring. Students do not want the environment of learning every time.


Students should understand that learning in very important in their life. But if they do not want to learn, then teachers can motivate them through relating the subject to their lives. It can be done by giving examples of each subject by relating it to their practical implications. For example, if the teacher is teaching statistics to the students then take some data of research how it has helped practically in offices, engineering department etc. by explaining conclusion and results. The teacher must be able to motivate students by sharing the practical aspects of each subject to the students and how it can help them in their career or professional life.

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