How To Write Opinion in Dissertation

A dissertation is backed by scientific facts and research most of the time. But there are cases when you need to write your opinion in the dissertation. Today, we can share our opinions blatantly on social media. But you cannot go with this approach in your dissertation. You should be extra careful and responsible while writing opinions for the dissertation. If your opinion is backed by facts and stats it will make your point stronger. There are some things you need to consider while you write your opinion. Top experts of dissertation writing services have picked some tips and guidelines for you to write the opinion in dissertation perfectly:


Start With Strong First Line:

Start with an engaging first sentence. Find new logical points. You should offer something new to your reader. Unique opinion will make it quite interesting. If your first sentence is flat or boring, it will not engage your reader. Your opinion will not make any impact. Your reader will decide to read further if your first sentence will be effective. Do not state your single point repeatedly. You can also go on giving solutions or suggestions. Opinions are biased but even if it is an opinion portion, you should write it with facts and figures. You should have full background information about what you are saying. Some people may struggle with writing the perfect first sentence. If this is the case, you should write the whole paragraph before the headline. After that, you will be able to write a crisp and engaging first sentence.

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Try To Be Clear Concise:

Do not beat around the bush. Do not ask questions. State your point you are trying to make clear. Use simpler and shorter words. Just focus on one issue tightly. Make a clear argument. If you are writing an opinion for the dissertation, you do not have ten pages to go on ranting. You have a set word limit. You cannot go out of this. Just make one or two but strong arguments. If you have fewer points you can better describe it. You do not need to explain every point you just need to make a strong case. Remember that what you write in your opinion should make sense. It should strong argument behind it. Otherwise, you will have a hard time defending it in your defense. 


Try To Use Active Voice:

 You should convey the point you are trying to make to the reader effectively. You avoid the use of complex sentences. Use easy to understand language. It is a common practice of students that they use the passive voice in writing. This can make your writing stressful. If you will write sentences in the active voice, your reader can easily read and comprehend it. The use of active voice sounds more direct. You must know the audience who you are writing for. If you have written your opinion in simpler and easier words, they will enjoy reading it. Avoid the use of jargon. Do not overuse adjectives and adverbs. They do not add anything in your writing rather they make it sound bland. State your point logically. Do not get emotional while writing it. Let’s just keep it simple. 


Do Not Get Too Preachy:

 It is a common practice that students get too emotionally involved in writing opinions in dissertations. They get too emotional that the whole idea falls flat. You should not try to make a point as to convince your reader. You are just writing your opinion. You should write it in a way that will not offend the reader with a different viewpoint. You can add an emotional touch (which is quite natural while writing opinion) but it should not sound too preachy. Your opinion should include data that explain it rationally not emotionally.

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Keep It Structured:

When students write opinions in dissertations they get too involved that they forget about its format. They should know that the structuring of the opinion portion is as important as of the entire dissertation. You should write short paragraphs. Paragraphs are often three or four lines long. You should not structure paragraphs only. The information inserted in the paragraphs should also be organized. Each one of them should include different points and arguments. In this way, the reader will find it more convincing. It becomes easier to comprehend. If you write long paragraphs or sentences, you will divide the attention of the reader. If you want to write opinions perfectly, you should write single line sentences. Interesting first sentences are quite important as we have discussed. But you cannot ignore the importance of perfect conclusions in this regard. 

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