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In 21st Century, the world has become a Global Village. Everyone is connected by the network created by the “Internet”. Social media is a digital tool which allows users to create and share content with public. Social media includes a wide range of websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While many of us enjoy staying on social media, excessive use can sometimes cause feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression. Social media modifies your habits and improve your mood but for sometimes after that, you will feel depression or isolation.

According to a dissertation help firm, the definition of “social media” might be “Misleading” because according to experts who finds that more the time teens spend on social media, the more anxious they are. There is a correlation between the usage of smartphone and lower satisfaction in life. If teens followed up high social media usage with a lot of time spent socializing with different people; the effects won’t be this much adverse as they are nowadays. It comes out commenting or liking a post or keeping up with a “snapchat streak” isn’t the same catching up. Yet too many teenagers are substituting their real life interactions for Instagram and Facebook posts and paying the price. Social media may be an effective tool for teaching but many researchers are alarmed for the role it is playing in heightened the student’s anxiety and stress.

Increasing Student’s Rate on Social Media

The most interesting thing is to look the increasing number of especially college students as a user of social media.  Students spend most of their time on social media rather than using their personal email. They focus shifts from education to the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or any other which is a complete wastage of time. Many students love to spend their time socializing to upload what they want because they want their freedom, to comment on the lives of different people which can cause problem for them and to make new friends.

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All these factors enthral them that they can avail all this freedom by sitting in front of computer and by socializing in this way and they start demanding freedom from their parents in result to this. And the parent’s refusal may cause depression and even suicide in this situation. Because it is too easy for college students to fantasize their lives as they saw on social media. In Students’ life, education should be the most important thing, especially at college level because their future depends on that. They should focus on learning good habits and gaining knowledge to become a person with moral character instead of wasting their time on social media.

Role of Social Media in Mental Health which cause Stress:

As we all know humans are social creatures. We all need the companionship of others in our lives and the strong connections have a huge impact on our mental health and happiness. The college students start fantasizing their lives in this phase of their life. Being socially connected to anyone can prevent from stress, anxiety, and depression, and provide comfort or joy but on contrary, lacking strong social connections can pose a serious risk to students’ mental and emotional health.

In today’ world, many students rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram to find their friends. But it’s also a reality that it can never be a replacement for real world human connection. Many people on social media have fake identities. So if you are spending an excessive amount of time on it then it causes the feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, loneliness or frustration. When you started feeling these things then it may be a time to re-examine your online habits and find a healthier balance for your life.

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Social Media effects on Colleges

One of the most important challenges college students’ faces nowadays is troubled with mental health. College may be a time to explore and learn new things. However, as college students, it is often hard typically to balance school, work, and being social whereas additionally making an attempt to take care of our physical and mental health. On top of all the strain from studying, writing papers, and involvements on campus, students have a tendency to perpetually distracted by their phones however a lot of specific social media. They have a tendency to board a digital age wherever nearly everything is accessible on-line and once it involves social media usage among college students, one factor is clear: it’s become a part of their existence and have allowed them to be more connected than ever.


Social media is obviously an excellent tool and has both negatives and positives impact on our emotional well-being. Its impact on our mental state can rely upon variety of things as well as how we use it. It’s onerous for college students to avoid social media generally but knowing how it’s going to affect our mental health can facilitate us create better choices on how we use it.

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