Sainsbury’s is one of the largest and oldest supermarkets in the UK. They are known for their sky-scraping standards of customer service. They are providing a high quality of work. It is the third largest supermarket in the UK. The organization has its headquarter in Holon Circus. The association is programmed on LSE (London Stock Exchange) and is present in the FTSE 100 index.

Organizational background

The organization was founded by John James Sainsbury in 1869. The business of organization grew rapidly during the period of the reign of Vitoria. The organization became the biggest supermarket chain store of UK in the year 1922. The organization had supremacy in supermarket chain hoard till 1980.  Sainsbury’s market is giving flexible working hours.  Students applying to Sainsbury’s will generally be looking at General Assistant roles, which currently pay at around 6.71 per hour for students over the age of 18. Sainsbury’s organizational background is very important for the selection process.

Sainsbury’s requirements

The requirement is the process in which persons are eligible and qualified for a job. The organization need to develop an effective employer brand and prepare efficient employee offering so that the right candidate can be required and selected for the job.  The requirement process includes analysis of job and selection web portals.  Sainsbury’s operate a strict no CV policy. This revenue, that if you go to your nearest store and give them a copy of your resume, you are unlikely to hear from them ever again.  To pertain for a job, you need to head over to the website. There are some objectives of the requirements.

  • To clearly understand what is the requirements and selection
  • To explore the theories and concepts of the selection process
  • To explore the effect of recruitment and procedure on the organization
  • To find out how the equipment and selection procedure can effect to increase performance and market share
  • To identify the importance and significance of recruitment and selection for MNC companies
  • To identify the approach and HR policies which are suitable for recruitment and selection of international staff for Sainsbury in Australia and Japan
  • To analyze the problems of international staff

Selection process

Selection is an important HRM activity. It is the process in which the persons who have skills, education, and experience relevant to the job offers are identified. The selection is the process of selecting the best candidate from the group of applicants for a job. It is very important from the perspective of an organization that the right people are selected for a job. It is most important, because, the performance of an organization is dependent on the employee. Every organization is looking for the best employee for their success. It is very difficult to choose the right person for the company. Here are some steps of the selection process.

  • Employee selection procedure
  • Preliminary interview
  • Selection test
  • Subsequent interview
  • Medical examinations
  • Selection for trial work
  • Personal reference check
  • Selection decision

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