Ibex or alpine ibex is a type of goat which lives in some specific mountains. In these mountains, there come the mountains of Europe, North Asia and North Africa. According to IT IS, there are five species of ibex. If we talk about the appearance of ibex, we come to know that it has long and curved horns and moreover, its hooves are also cloven. The difference between male and female ibexes is that the male ibex have long beards whereas female ibex doesn’t. If you don’t have enough idea about ibex, then you can get help from experts in essay writing services.


There are different sizes of ibexes. The height of these ibexes is from 30 to 170 centimetres. On the other hand, the weight of these ibexes is also from 30 to 120 kilograms. Both male and female ibexes have long horns. These Longhorns are helpful for them for their territorial defence. Moreover, on the basis of these Longhorns, it is also possible for them to select the right ibexes to fulfil their sexual desires. If we talk about the backward of these ibexes, we come to know that these ibexes have curve backwards. This curve backwards is such that it forms a semicircle. On the outer curve of the ibexes, there is a knobby ring. The height of male ibex reaches 5 feet or in other words, it is 1.5 meters tall.


On the basis of their diet, these ibexes are herbivores and the herbivores are those animals which don’t eat meat and they just rely on the plants. In other words, they are vegetarians. They just eat shrubs, bushes and grasses. For this reason, they graze. As we know that this is a low nutritional diet. Due to this reason, they spend most of their day time in grazing.


In order to save from the predators, the ibexes make their houses on the cliffs. Its reason is that these cliffs are very dangerous places to reach for these predators. The ibexes make their habitats almost 2,500 to 4,500 meters high from the altitude. Mostly, these ibexes are found in the cliffs of the Ethiopian highlands. The Nubian ibex is also special species of the ibexes. It lives in the Arabian and African mountains. No doubt, it is hard for an ibex to survive in this dry climate. For this reason, their shiny coats are helpful for them. With the help of these shiny coats, it is helpful for the ibexes to reflect the sunlight. After reflecting the sunlight, they feel cool. Moreover, the ibexes are also considered social animals because they live in the form of herds. An essential thing about their herds is that their males have a separate herd from the female ibexes and their offspring. These two herds meet only during their breeding season.

As we have discussed earlier that these ibexes are of different kinds and essential kinds of ibexes are Alpine ibex, Nubian ibex, Spanish ibex, West Caucasian ibex, and East Caucasian ibex.

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