You cannot deny the importance of education. Education not only helps you in building your career but it also grooms your personality and helps you to cope in the society. It can get you vital promotion, allow you to work with more expertise and doubles your salary. Many people study along with job. Every person has their own reason, some have passion, some are enrolled in higher degrees to improve financial condition and some want to improve their personality and knowledge.

Many people have successfully handled full time job along with full time study. They have friends, family and social life and they manage everything perfectly. You can easily manage you job with your Master’s thesis

Relations with Manager

Studying with job is always easy in the workplace, which promotes learning, but you have to keep your manager in loop for everything. If your attitude is positive, you are working efficiently and maintaining good working relationship with your manager and peers, there are higher chances that you will be given relaxation for your study and thesis. You can get early time off for studying. You should have to implement a positive and supportive system that can help you and other employees who are planning to study or already studying.

Work more efficiently

If you want to be at the top of your work and studies, you should not do things that can negatively affect your work and consequently your studies. Increase your productivity by using available resources and focus on more important and relevant tasks rather wasting time on non-essential task.

Better Utilization of time

Working full time means that you will not always have time to study and working on your thesis. Whenever you get time, start working on your thesis. Do not wait for the perfect time. Whenever there is opportunity, utilize it. In this way, you will be able to produce quality work. When you are done with one piece of work, immediately start the next one. It will be easier for you and you will be able to finish your work on time.

Create your study zone

Some people find it easy to work in groups and some prefer to study alone. Some like to study in their room and some like to go to library. You have to identify your own study zone, where you feel comfortable writing your thesis and you will not be distracted to anything.

Compromise your leisure activities

Work and study are not always easy. You have to compromise your some activities for the sake of your thesis. For example partying on weekends and going out with friends, you can spend that time working on thesis and complete it on time. You do not have to do it every weekend but when the deadline is near and you have to do a lot of work, you should have to let go your other activities and make yourself prepared to spend your weekends on study and working on thesis.

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