Writing an Appendix

Like the appendix in a human body, there is also an appendix in the research paper. The appendix of a research paper contains necessary information about the research topic. We can’t provide this information in the main body of the research paper. There is a reference section in the appendix. The students have to provide necessary information about the extra work behind the research paper writing task. The first step to write an appendix for your project is to understand the anatomy of writing an appendix. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the necessary tips to understand the anatomy of writing an appendix.

Tips to Collect Content for Appendix:

When you are going to write an appendix, first of all, you will have to gather the data. You can easily gather the data for your appendix by following these tips;

  • Find Raw Data: To write the research paper, you will have to conduct in-depth research. While conducting in-depth research, you can gather the raw data. You can include this raw data in the appendix. While including this raw data, you should make sure that this raw data should be relevant to the content of your research paper. Moreover, it should also support the findings of your research paper.
  • Include Visual Supporting Documents: Along with texture content, you can also include the visual supporting documents in the appendix. In the visual supporting documents, there come graphs, charts and images. While including these visual supporting documents, you should make sure that these documents should support the findings of your research paper.
  • Note The Research Instruments: To conduct the research, you will have to use some research instruments. These research instruments can be in the form of a camera or a tape recorder. You should also note it in the appendix. When you will note it in your appendix, it will be helpful for the readers to understand how you have gathered the data for your research paper.

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Tips To Understanding The Format Of An Appendix:

Like other components of a research paper, it is also necessary for you to write the appendix by following a specific format. To understand the format of the appendix, you should follow these tips;

  • Title: First of all, you will have to write its title. You should write the title of this section as ‘APPENDIX’ or ‘Appendix’. While creating the title of this section, you should use the same font size and style that you have used in the rest of the document.
  • Write The Content By Following An Order: You should not create the content for your appendix randomly. You should order the content in the appendix in such a way that it should be more user-friendly and easy to access. The best way to create the best quality content for your appendix is to write it as it is appearing in the main document.
  • Placement: No doubt, you should also place it at the proper place in your document. In the research paper, you should place it after the references section. Sometimes, your instructor can ask you to place it at another place in the document. Under such a situation, you should pay attention to the guidelines of your instructor.
  • Add Page Numbers: An appendix is an essential part of a research paper. Therefore, you should also include numbering to this document. You should start the numbering of this document where you have left the numbering of the rest of the document. The students should try to use the same paging format that they have used in the rest of the document. It means that you should not differentiate it from the rest of the document based on paging.

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Polish The Appendix:

After creating the best quality content for your appendix, the next step is to polish it. To polish, it means that you will have to make it free from mistakes. While polishing the appendix, you should follow some essential tips. First, you will have to revise its content for clarity and cohesion. You should make sure that all the information in the appendix section is relevant to the rest of the document. Secondly, you should also make it free from mistakes. To make it free from the mistakes means that there should not be spelling and grammar mistakes in your document. At last, you will have to refer the content of the appendix with the rest of the document. This thing will allow the readers to get access to the supplementary information of the document that students are going through.

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