One feels happy when he/she is feeling confident and energetic to meet any challenge. All time we hear that no one can make you happy as you can, it does not mean that we can fulfil the need of being social or affection by ourselves but be preventing yourself from being hurt by not expecting too much and being confident to stay happy at any cost. Do not let anyone be the leader of your happiness except yourself and this is your self-confidence that gives you this level of self-esteem. Many students find it difficult to stay happy with the stress of study and other relevant factors of student life but this is not as impossible as you are thinking. Let me tell you some simple confidence measures that you can use to ensure the optimum level of self-confidence in you so no one can lead your happiness except yourself.

  • Challenge Yourself

The first thing that is a hurdle between you and your happiness is nothing else but yourself so you need to challenge these upsetting thoughts to find the area problem and what can be the solution. Challenging your own thought would enable you to learn about your weakness that what things, events, or thoughts are becoming the reasons of stress so when you know the problem it becomes easy for you to stay happy.

  • List Your Priorities

When you have clear priority list then you would not what things are to worry about and which should be neglected and it will tell you that how you can develop the state of emotional intelligence so you can manage those worries.

  • Develop Boundaries for Others to not Interfere in Your Territory

Again do not let someone else be the driver of your happiness; no doubt we all are dependent on someone else but it does not mean our happiness is just meant to because of them. So always develop boundaries for others to not interfere in your territory of happiness.

  • Search for a Mentor

The mentor is not the one who makes us dependent on him/her to be happy but one who teaches us to be happy on our own. He/she tells us about positives and negatives in a way that enables us to utilize our positives to deal with negatives of ourselves and others so the negative waves of anyone could not disturb your happiness.

  • Identify Your Qualities

Not all of us know about their qualities and among them who know their qualities, not all appreciate themselves. Start appreciating yourself for your qualities it will enable you to put your energies in a positive direction that will keep your heart and mind positive and this is the real state of happiness and an optimum level of self-confidence to help you succeed in your academic writing.

  • Accept Failures as a Source of Encouragement

Failures are not meant to let us down but to let us know about our weakness that we can overcome by using our strengths. Accept your failure, not as a failure but a source of encouragement to put your energies more for a positive cause.

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